A Different Approach to Job Searching

Although the national unemployment rate has declined somewhat over the past few weeks, it is still pretty high. This means that there are thousands of people across the country still looking for work.
Because the job market has gotten so competitive, some people are taking a new approach to their job search. This has included targeting entire downtown blocks of office buildings, and going from building to building dropping off a resume. This is something job seekers used to do years ago before the invention of the internet. After the internet was launched, many companies started requiring that all applicants apply for jobs online. This not only made the job search more impersonal, but it also made applicants wonder if there resume was going into a black hole. This is why some applicants have started dropping off their resumes to the company receptionist, because it makes them feel more confident that it will reach the right person. In addition, doing this also gives them an opportunity to see what the company looks like.

The unstable job market has also made some people get bolder in their job search. Instead of waiting for an open position to be posted on the internet, some job seekers are going into companies and requesting to see someone from human resources. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In the instances it does work, the applicant is able to learn additional information about the company and most importantly deliver their resume to a human being. This strategy may not always help the applicant get a job offer, but it does provide more personal contact with a recruiter. In other words, the recruiter can now put a “face“ with the resume.

Another new approach some are taking in order to get a job, is writing a “certified” letter to the president of the company. In the letter they state why they are qualified for the job, and how much the company would benefit from their skills and experience. Included with the certified letter and resume is a full page of personal and professional references. This approach might seem a little too bold or pushy for some, but it has actually helped many job seekers get an interview or a job. In some instances the job offer or interview invitation actually came directly from the company president.

All the above proves that taking a non-traditional approach to job searching is the best way to get a job or interview, or at least get your foot in the front door. All the above also proves that the job market recovery still has a long way to go.

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