Unusual Interview Experiences

When it comes to the personal “interview” experience, most range from comfortable and relaxing to intimidating and scary, and everything in between. Just about everyone who has a work history has probably had at least one unusual interview.

In a recent news article from a human resources magazine, there were several stories from individuals who shared the interview experiences they have had over the years. One story was from a guy named Elliott who currently works in the manufacturing industry. One of Elliott’s most unusual interview experiences was when he interviewed for a forklift position at a manufacturing company. Since he was applying for a warehouse position, Elliott expected his interview to be somewhat informal. However, he was not prepared for how “informal” his interview was going to be. The interview was scheduled for noon, and the person interviewing Elliott decided to eat lunch during the interview session. The lunch consisted of two chili dogs with onions and some French fries.

During the interview, the interviewer had to keep saying “excuse me” because he was constantly burping and passing gas. When the interview finally ended Elliott hurried outside to get some fresh air. The combined smell of chili, onions and gas almost made the interview unbearable. Elliott decided to turn down the job offer because he decided that he didn’t want to work for anyone that rude.

The next story was a from a woman named Amanda who works in the insurance industry. One of her most unusual interview experiences was when she interviewed at a hospital for a claims processing position. The person interviewing her was a woman who was three months pregnant. Before the interview actually started, the interviewer spent thirty minutes telling Amanda that her pregnancy was totally unexpected and that her morning sickness episodes were terrible. Amanda sat listening patiently to the story because she really wanted the job. Once the interview began, Amanda realized that the interviewer was not feeling well because she kept putting her head on the desk. Amanda finally asked if she wanted to postpone the interview for another day but the woman said no.

About five minutes later the woman jumped up from her desk and headed down the hall. She hollered back for Amanda to follow her and said that they would continue the interview in the bathroom. Although she felt uncomfortable, Amanda followed. Once in the bathroom the interviewer quickly asked several interview questions, then went into an empty stall to throw up. Amanda took this as a signal the interview was over. Three days later she received a phone call saying that she had gotten the job.

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