Recipes with a Twist

Most of us have eaten a dish that contained an ingredient we just couldn’t we put our finger on. It may have been a mystery spice ingredient in a sweet potato pie or a bowl of chili. Although we didn’t know what the mystery ingredient was, we agreed that it gave the dish a unique twist and flavor that we liked.

One way to give a traditional spaghetti and meatball recipe a unique twist, is by using chocolate flavored pasta and stuffing the meatballs with toasted walnuts and mini-chocolate chips. It is very surprising how well the chocolate ingredients go with the tomatoes, garlic, and other savory ingredients. And, if you want to give the recipe another twist, top the dish with a teaspoon of chocolate sauce. It will be fun to watch people try to guess what the mystery ingredient is. Now this is how to make a boring spaghetti recipe more exciting.

Another recipe with a twist is deep dish lasagna made with layers of mascarpone cheese and hot sauce. The mascarpone cheese will give the dish a slight sweet flavor, and the layer of hot sauce will definitely add a little fire. This is the type of dish that will make people rack their brains trying to figure out what the mystery ingredient is. And once they find out they will be very, very surprised.

There are also a lot of desserts you create with a twist. One is chocolate fudge brownies made with chili powder and red peppers. You start by mixing the brownie batter and then adding in finely minced red peppers and a teaspoon of chili powder. Both of these ingredients will give the brownies a hot spicy flavor. This combination of sweet and spicy flavors really taste good, and the best thing about it is that the taste will be totally unexpected. For a little more of a twist, you can also add some chili powder to brownie frosting.

Another dessert recipe with a twist is traditional apple pie made with bits of sweet onions and bits of cheese. You don’t want to put in too many onions or pieces of cheese because it will overpower the sweetness of the apple pie filling. But you do want to add just enough to make people wonder what the unusual taste is. This recipe probably sounds very strange, but you will be surprised how well the savory flavor of the onions and cheese go with the sweetness of the crust and the apples.

It is really a lot of fun making dishes with a unique twist. But what is even more fun, is watching people trying to figure out what the mystery ingredient is.

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