Keeping a Healthy Digestive System

Having a healthy digestive system is the key to overall good health. Unfortunately there are millions of people today who have serious digestive problems.

One of the main reasons many suffer with digestive issues is because they don’t eat enough fiber. It would seem that getting enough daily fiber would be easy, but it is not. This is because the daily foods we like to eat are usually low on fiber and higher in other things like fats and sugar. High levels of sugar make it difficult for the digestive system to process food. So it looks like the only option for keeping a healthy digestive system is by making a concentrated effort to eats foods that are high in fiber.

When some people think about increasing their daily fiber intake, they usually think of things like steamed broccoli and bran flakes. Fortunately however there are a lot of things you can eat that have a high level of fiber that taste better then bran flakes and plain steamed broccoli. One includes high fiber honey flavored granola cereal. You can find this type of cereal in just about any grocery store, and it typically cost under $2. In addition to honey, the cereal also contains sliced almonds. The combination of the almonds and crunchy granola provides a good daily dose of fiber. If you eat this type of cereal each day you will get the amount of daily fiber that you need.

Another great thing about honey granola cereal, is that you can use it to make some low calorie high fiber desserts. One recipe involves filling a glass with layers of fruit, honey granola cereal and yogurt. This is a good after dinner snack or a quick morning meal that will give you energy. The most important thing about this recipe however is that it contains enough fiber to cleanse your digestive system.

In terms of lunch and dinner meals, eating high fiber foods like leafy green vegetables will help keep your digestive cleansed and running properly. You can take some mustard greens for example, and cook them over the stove in boiling water seasoned with a little salt and pepper. These greens will go well with grilled fish, broiled turkey or baked chicken.

Another food that is high in fiber is beans. For example, red beans have a lot of fiber and they taste good over rice and in soups. You can spice the beans up a bit with some red and green peppers.
Finally, drinking several glasses of water daily will also help to keep your digestive cleansed and healthy. When your digestive system is operating the way it should, you will start having a much clearer complexion and it will be a lot easier to keep your weight down.

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