Early Holiday Gift Ideas

For many consumers, the arrival of October officially signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It might seem a little too early to think about holiday shopping for some, but this is actually a good time to find some good deals.

One item that is expected to be a popular holiday gift this year, is the new Apple phone. The new phone was launched a few weeks ago, and it was reported that thousands of people stood in line at Apple stores for several days just to get one. Within the next two or three weeks the prices on these new phones should decrease between fifteen to twenty percent, which makes them great holiday gifts.
Another item that is expected to be on a lot of holiday shopping lists this year is a video game console. Video gaming is now a very popular recreational game, especially among young twenty somethings and teens. It is estimated that over one million gaming consoles will be sold during the 2014 holiday season. Shoppers have the option of buying gaming consoles directly from the manufacturer’s website, or they can buy them from sites like HSN or Overstock.com.

If you are shopping for someone that is not that into electronic products or gaming, then consider giving them a gift certificate from a beauty salon or spa. There are a variety of gift certificates to choose from, which typically range from $50 to $200. For this price they will be able to enjoy things like a deep conditioning treatment, avocado facial, perm and haircut, or a two hour massage. These gift certificates are also usually wrapped in a beautiful brightly colored envelope and tied together with a gold or silver string. This makes it hard for the recipient to guess what it is inside.

Some other early holiday gift ideas include a fashion makeover, coupon for a professional cleaning service, or an elegant meal prepared by a personal chef. Most women would definitely enjoy getting a fashion makeover. You can usually find these services advertised in local fashion magazines, offered by personal stylists. The makeover will consist of shopping for new wardrobe pieces and also some makeup tips. This would be great gift for a recent college graduate or for someone changing careers. A coupon for a professional cleaning service is a gift that just about anyone would appreciate. The coupons typically range from $75 to $150, and are usually even cheaper during the holiday season. There are also probably not too many people who wouldn’t appreciate a professional home cooked meal. Prices for a personal chef range from $50 per hour or up to $200 per day.

There are some great holiday gift deals out there, but you have to get out there early enough to catch them.

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