Building a Sales Team

In most companies the sales team can usually impact the bottom line more than any other department. This is one of the reasons why sales employees should be tracked closely and receive training on a consistent basis.

Having a solid sales team is very important for any company, especially during this economy. The bad economic conditions have made it very hard for most businesses to increase revenue and profits. For this reason, a large number of corporate companies and small businesses are investing more time and money in their sales staff. This particularly includes those that sell consumer products such as shoes, electronic equipment, appliances and automobiles. At Best Buy for example, in-store sales associates are receiving additional training. The additional sales training includes developing more persuasive sales pitches and better communication skills. The Best Buy chain has experienced some challenges over the past few years, which is why management is trying to build a stronger sales team.
At discount shoe store chains like Payless, there has been a stronger focus on sales training. Although Payless has captured a large percentage of the consumer shoe industry, they still face competition from stores like Target, Walmart and other discount shoe stores.

A stronger emphasis on sales training is also going on at many automobile dealerships today. The competition for car buyers has really gotten fierce over the past two years, which is due in part to consumers having more choices. There was a time years ago when American car companies like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford dominated the car buying market. Although these companies still dominate a large share of the automobile market, foreign car companies like Honda and Toyota have successfully taken away some of their customers. It is for these reasons that the owners of automobile dealerships are providing their employees more inside sales training. Not only do these employees need to be knowledgeable about the cars they are selling, but they also need to be knowledgeable about competitor cars, discounts and prices. Having this knowledge will be beneficial when negotiating terms with customers.

Providing additional training for sales teams is very important, but it is also equally important to hire sales people who have specific traits. This includes good communication skills, powerful negotiators and also a well groomed appearance. Those in sales management positions should have natural leadership skills so they will be able to lead and motivate others.

Sales team members don't have to be carbon copies of each other, but each should possess the necessary skills and traits to make a sale and close the deal.

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