Addicted to Sweets

Many people have a sweets addiction, but most won’t admit it. They won’t admit it because they don’t want anyone to know that they are addicted to foods that are not good for them. Some of these people are slim and look very healthy, so you would never know to look at them that they have a sweets addiction.

There are many people who are addicted to desserts like brownies, chocolate chip cookies and strawberry shortcake. Some of these people work in office buildings that have numerous bakery and candy shops located in the food court. They visit these shops frequently and buy themselves things like candy bars and cookies, which they hope will help them make it through the day. For some, making it through the day means eating a chocolate fudge brownie for breakfast or a slice of cheesecake during their mid-afternoon break. Those who usually do this typically work in very stressful jobs. Instead of doing something healthy to relieve their stress like exercising or drinking water, they eat something sweet like chocolate. It is something about that rich chocolaty taste that makes them feel good.

Unfortunately this good feeling does not last very long. About thirty minutes after they eat the chocolate, they start feeling tired and sluggish. After this happens they eat more sweet treats to make them feel better. Even though these people eat sweet treats several times a day, most will not admit (or don’t realize) that they have a sweets addiction problem.

Because most office buildings today have some sort of bakery or cookie shop located in the lobby area, it is very easy for the people who work in these buildings to become addicted to sweets. This is because the first thing they usually smell when they enter the building early in the morning is the smell of cookies and brownies baking in an oven.

Then you have people who are addicted to Cinnabon’s and are not ashamed to admit it. Some have tried really hard to resist that sweet smell of cinnamon, but they eventually just gave in. For those who don’t know what a Cinnabon is, it is a large cinnamon sweet roll that is highly addictive and filled with a lot of calories and sugar. Cinnabon shops are mostly located in high foot traffic areas, which include office buildings, retail malls and airports. Some people have actually admitted that as soon as they get off a plane, they head straight over to the nearest Cinnabon shop. Deep down inside they know that those hot sweet rolls are bad for them, but they simply can't resist.

Eating sweets from time to time (including cookies and Cinnabons) will not negatively affect your overall health, however you can potentially develop serious health problems if you become addicted to them.  

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