Why Some People Stay on Welfare

It may be hard for some to believe, but in many cases people are better off financially staying on welfare versus working a full time job.

There has been a debate going on for years, as to why some families stay on welfare for generations. When the welfare program was initially launched, it was designed to provide temporary financial assistance. However as the years went by more and more people started using welfare as a permanent source of income.

Fast forward to today and there are millions of people living on the welfare system. Some of these individuals are single women who need financial assistance to help them feed and clothe their children. There are some taxpayers who feel that these women should get a job to pay their bills, and not depend on their tax dollars. However, if you realistically look at the salary many jobs pay today, you will realize why so many people (including single women) choose to stay on welfare.

When a person initially gets off of welfare and joins the workforce, the job they end up getting usually does not pay that much. In addition, most of these jobs also don’t provide any benefits. On the other hand, welfare provides a consistent monthly income and also provides some very good benefits such as free daycare and food assistance. So when you measure which options provide the most benefits, it looks like welfare does.

The problem however with staying on welfare for so many years, is that it hinders an individual’s personal and financial development. Studies have shown that people have more self-esteem and a higher level of self-confidence when they go out and earn a living. Despite this however, some single moms say that it is more beneficial for them financially to stay on welfare. The reasons they give include knowing they will have a consistent monthly income regardless of what happens in the economy, they don’t have to worry about the high cost of daycare and they also receive good medical benefits.

If all of this is true, then there is definitely something wrong with today’s welfare system.
The welfare system needs to be re-structured in such a way that it does not encourage people to want to stay on welfare year after year. There should be some built-in restrictions and incentives that make it more feasible for people to work. In addition to this, the minimum wage needs to be increased and there should also be a stronger push for companies to offer better employee benefits.

In this current economy, there are many people who are thankful for the welfare system, however, the system should not be designed so that it encourages people to become life long welfare recipients.

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