What Advertisers Really Think About Video Ads

An interesting article was published last week regarding what advertisers really think about video advertising. Many of those who participated in the survey were marketing directors at major consumer companies.

At a time when it is becoming harder and harder to attract and retain customers, many companies have been launching online video ads as part of their marketing strategy. Since so many people spend time online today, these companies feel that videos ads are one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Some of the companies that have been launching video ads consistently over the past few years are automotive companies like Toyota and Ford.

Both companies have been positioning their online ads on major online news sites and blogs. Because these sites generate close to a million views per month, advertisers feel that they will get a good return on their investment because they have a built in audience. The video ads that Ford and Toyota have created have received some good reviews from both industry analysts and consumers. One of the things consumers like about the videos, is that they feature a diverse of group of people from various ethnicities and backgrounds, which makes the ad more realistic.

Other types of companies that have consistently launched video ads over the past few years are professional financial services firms like T. Rowe Price. In light of the financial market becoming so competitive due to the recession, T. Rowe Price has been strategically launching video ads in order to attract new customers. This strategic marketing has included the launch of a T. Rowe Price YouTube Channel. The videos feature various T. Rowe Price professionals offering advice and insight on topics such as asset management and retirement planning.

Along with financial services firms and automotive companies, movie studios like Pixar and Disney are using video ads to advertise and promote upcoming films. Some of these video ad promotions have been for animated films like Monsters University, Toy Story and Brave.

Now we ask the question -- do these companies feel that video ads have been effective in providing them a decent return on their investment and attracting customers? Some say that video ads have definitely helped to improved sales and visibility, while others say that the jury is still out on that question.

Regardless of how advertisers truly feel about video ads, the majority will most likely continue making video advertising as part of their overall advertising strategy. This will include continuing to post ads on YouTube and other new mobile advertising platforms.

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