The Power of Blogs

Over the past five years, blogs have become a very powerful online tool for marketing and business purposes.

When blogging initially began, it was generally viewed as a simple platform for people to write about their personal experiences and hobbies. This included blogs that focused on topics such as “how to overcome bankruptcy” and “easy pasta cooking tips”. However as the years went by blogs started expanding into much more broader content and topics
Today there are millions of blogs on the internet, and the most popular ones focus on topics like current news events, film, career advice and fashion. Keep in mind that the majority of these blogs were started by everyday average people. Which means you don’t have to have any special skills to start one. While some blogs are written purely for entertainment, many others are used for business and marketing related purposes. Some of those who are creating blogs for these purposes are startup business owners and corporate CEO‘s. They have found that blogs are a very effective way to post business updates and to attract investors.

Along with being used as an online tool for marketing and purposes, blogs are also used for posting personal reviews and commentary about an individual or business. If the reviews and commentary are positive, than the business or individual typically benefits greatly from it. However, if the commentary and reviews are negative, then the blog can cause the individual or business a lot of problems.

A good example of how a blog can hurt a business, is when numerous blogs were created several years ago which highlighted the downside of joining a multi-level marketing company. The majority of these blogs were created by people who had been previously associated with a multi-level marketing company. These blogs contained allegations about the multi-level marketing company stealing their money, and also allegations that they were not compensated fairly for their selling and marketing efforts. Over time these blogs generated a lot of negative publicity for the multi-level marketing industry.

On the flipside, many consumer product companies like Hershey’s, General Mills and McDonald’s, have benefited from blogs which highlighted positive things about their products. This includes bloggers who have posted comments about how much they like Hershey’s chocolate candy bars, and other bloggers who have nothing but good things to say about General Mills cereals. These companies view blogs like these as another source of marketing and another way to connect with their customers.
As seen from above, blogs have become a very powerful online tool. Which is why many bloggers are able to compete with print publications for advertising dollars.

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