The Growing Trend of Popup Shops

Popup stores are becoming a fast growing trend in the retail industry. These stores are being launched by small up and coming retailers and large major retail chains.

One of the main benefits of launching a popup shop is that they don’t require the manpower or capital of a full service store. Over the past three years popup shops have been popping up all across the country, especially during the summer and holiday season.

Marshall’s is one of the many major retail chains that has launched popup shops in several downtown communities. The consumer response to these popup shops has been very positive. Although the product line is limited, consumers have reported finding some really good deals. In addition to launching popup shops, Marshall’s has also launched a retail tour bus in select towns and cities.
To highlight his specialty line of clothing and accessory products, a specialty popup shop was created for designer Michael Kors. Many in the fashion industry were curious to see how buyers would respond to a Michael Kors popup store. Since Michael Kors designs are primarily found in high-end retail shops, there was a slight chance that displaying his designs in a popup store would damage his brand and image. Fortunately however, this has not been the case. As a matter of fact, many buyers have said that shopping in the popup store gave them a more intimate overall shopping experience. With feedback like this, it is very likely that we will see more Michael Kors popup shops in the very near future.

During Fashion Week in New York, hundreds of retail popup shops spring up in neighborhoods throughout the fashion district. Many of these shops serve as advertisements for clothing designs that will be featured in upcoming fashion shows. To help put buyers into a shopping mood, most popup shops will feature music, appetizers and cocktails. This helps to create a “shopping party” theme. Some of the designers and brands that launch popup shops during Fashion Week include GQ, Nordstrom and Warby Parker.

In addition to fashion designers and major retail chains, small independent retailers also use popup stores to promote their products. This includes candy stores that launch popup shops during the holiday season. The owners of these stores have found that a popup shop allows them to promote their candy products without having to rent retail space or spend a lot of money. In order to attract as many customers as possible, the owners of candy popup shops use several marketing tactics and strategies. Some include allowing customers to sample free candy treats while they shop, and also offering free gift boxes and free gift wrapping services.

As a result of the positive feedback and marketing success, we will likely see more popup shops being launched all across the country.

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