Teenage Binge Drinking

Teenage drinking is an issue that families have been dealing with for years. However, in more recent years binge drinking among teens has gotten out of control. No one seems to know why binge drinking among teens is on the rise, but some therapists feel that it is related to online peer pressure. Although teen peer pressure is nothing new, it has become more of a problem now that so many teens use social media.

Social media is not being directly blamed for the rise in teen binge drinkink, but it has had an impact on how teens interact with other. This particularly includes teens who like to bully other teens. It is the increased level of bullying that has driven some teens to binge drink. This has unfortunately included teens as young as thirteen years old. It is really sad to hear about children this young doing something like binge drinking to forget their problems.

In regards to teen bullying, social media has made it easier for teens to send threatening messages to each other. What makes this situation even worse and humiliating, is that these threatening messages can be publicly seen by other people. It is often the feeling of being publicly humiliated on the internet that makes some teens start binge drinking.

Another scary thing that is going on with binge drinking among teens, is that many teens are drinking “hard” alcohol products like gin and vodka. They are drinking this hard alcohol straight out of the bottle and not mixing it with anything. As a result, they get drunk in a very short period of time. Drinking this type of hard alcohol frequently can really cause severe damage to the body, particularly to the brain and liver.

In extreme cases where teens are binge drinking for hours, some eventually die from alcohol poisoning. Many coroners have stated that nothing is more sadder to see than a young teen on a slab in a morgue who has died from extreme alcohol consumption. Some high school counselors believe that if more teens saw these morgue photos, they would think twice about binging on alcohol.

Now the question is -- how are these young teens able to get their hands on so much alcohol?Unfortunately, there are many liquor stores across the country that will sell alcohol to young teens. Then there are some parents who allow their teenage kids to drink in the home. In order to reverse this disturbing trend of teenage binge drinking, more oversight from parents is needed and more education about the dangers of drinking should be taught in schools.

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