Personal Assistants are Invaluable

Behind every successful business executive and celebrity, there is usually a personal assistant standing in the shadows. This is the person that celebrities and business executives depend on to keep them focused, up-to-date and organized.

The life of a business executive is typically very hectic, which is why many hire their own personal assistants. High level executives in the real estate industry for example, often rely on their personal assistant to help them schedule appointments, track their commissions and coordinate all the details for their open houses. If the personal assistant works for a real estate executive that sells high end real estate, a typical workday can last 12 to 14 hours. This is because buyers and sellers of high end real state are often very demanding -- which means all the details concerning their open houses and transactions must be on time and accurate.

Then there are high level executives in the music industry who depend on their personal assistants to help them with things like scheduling interviews, reviewing recording contracts, coordinating details for an upcoming video shoot and also identifying potential new talent. In order to do this job effectively, the personal assistant needs to have experience in the music industry and also be up to date on the latest music trends.

Personal assistants who work for corporate executives are usually responsible for managing their entire schedule. This can be quite a feat because some corporate executives have up to ten meetings per day. In addition to this, the personal assistant must also make all domestic and international travel arrangements. Making travel arrangements for a busy executive can be very time consuming, especially when there are flight connections and currency conversions involved. The personal assistant is also usually responsible for creating presentations, managing the petty cash fund, meeting with vendors and processing all personal expense reports.

The person in this position not only handles business related matters, but they also usually handle personal matters as well. This includes scheduling dinner parties, coordinating details for picking up kids from daycare, picking up dry cleaning, making doctor appointments and writing personal thank you letters. Because a personal assistant manages so much of the executive‘s life, they usually have a personal key to their home and car.

In terms of qualifications, some personal assistant positions require a bachelors degree and several years of solid experience in a specific industry. All positions however do require an extensive background check. This includes criminal history, credit check and personal references.

When it comes to salary, some personal assistants earn up to $100,000 a year. The ones that earn this high salary typically work for a high profile executive or celebrity. And based on the above, most would agree that personal assistants deserve every dollar they earn.

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