New Reality TV Shows

The new fall reality TV lineup was announced a few days ago. The upcoming season will bring a wide variety of new shows, which range from shows about single professionals to ordained preachers.

One of the upcoming shows for the fall season is Preachers of L. A. This show will focus on several preachers in Los Angeles in the Los Angeles area, with emphasis on their spiritual messages and prosperous lifestyles. The preachers featured on the show are pastor Jay Haizlip, minister Deitrick Haddon, bishop Noel Jones, bishop Ron Gibson and bishop Clarence McClendon. Even before the series was officially announced, there were some negative comments. Some of these comments came from loyal church goers who feel that the life of a preacher should not be on a reality TV show. These people feel strongly that what is said between GOD and a preacher should stay private. Then there are those who feel that these preachers are nothing more than just plain con artists. They say these men have found a niche, and now they are milking it for all it is worth.

The preachers featured in this series defend their appearance on reality TV by saying that they are using reality television as a vehicle to further spread GOD’s word. They also decided to appear on television because they want everyone to know that preachers are normal people who struggle with demons just like everyone else.

No matter how you feel about preachers appearing on reality television, this show will most likely be very interesting.

The next new show on fall TV lineup is called “The New Atlanta”. This show will focus on the goals and dreams of the next generation of Atlanta trailblazers. The producers of the show wanted to highlight the diversity of Atlanta, so the cast are of varying ethnicities and come from different backgrounds. They include Jevon Sims, Africa Miranda, Emily Lipman, Tribble Reese and Alexandra Dilworth. All the cast members also work in a wide range of fields which include fashion, music and event planning. The feedback for the show has been mixed. A lot of single professionals can’t wait to see the show, because they feel that it will highlight all the good things about Atlanta. This includes great jobs, beautiful homes and great nightlife. Then on the other hand you have Atlanta natives who feel that this show portrays Atlanta in a very negative and unrealistic light. This includes the false image of everyone in Atlanta being ghetto and rich.

Other new reality shows include a spinoff show for Carolyn Manzo, who currently stars on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Her new show is called “Manzo’d with Children”, and it will be broadcast on the BRAVO channel.

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