Job Recruiters Face New Challenges

I recently read an interesting article about what job recruiters look for when they are trying to fill an open position. This includes what key elements they look for in a resume and when they are conducting an interview.

When it comes to finding the right person for a job, most recruiters claim that this is no easy task. It has especially become even harder in recent years due to the economy. In earlier times most recruiters had a  set list of the exact things they were looking for in a candidate. However, the economic conditions and high unemployment rate over the past few years has made them revamp their hiring strategy.

For example, before the economic decline most recruiters were looking for candidates that spent at three five to five years on a previous job. However, as a result of the current economic conditions this type of  candidate is becoming harder to find. This is because many people have had to change jobs two or three times in the past several years due to company mergers and layoffs. In earlier times, someone having two jobs in a five year period would have signaled a “red flag” to a recruiter that the candidate may not be reliable. However, a candidate moving from job to job is starting to become the new normal.

In addition to seeing candidates who have had multiple jobs within a five year time frame, many recruiters today are also starting to see more and more candidates who have been unemployed for more than two years. One recruiter in the article stated that in the past they would most likely pass on a resume from someone who has been unemployed for that long period of time. The only exception would be someone who was returning to the workforce after a having baby. However, with the unemployment rate being close to seven percent in many states, some recruiters are more willing to accept resumes from candidates who have been unemployed for over two years.

Most are quick to say however that they do want to see that the candidate has been doing something constructive during the time they have been out of work. This includes going back to school or even starting a small home business. This will show that they have kept their skills up to date and are serious about getting back to work.

Some of the other things recruiters specifically look for in a job candidate during an interview include their knowledge about the company, how well they express themselves, their reason for wanting the position, and also if they show flexibility and willingness to learn new skills.

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