How Alien Rumors Get Started

After years of reading stories about aliens, I am finally beginning to understand how alien rumors get circulated.

In over 70 percent of the alien articles I have read, the people making the claims have lived somewhere in the southwest. As a matter of fact, the majority of them seem to live in either Arizona or New Mexico. I don’t know a lot about either of these states, so I don’t really know why so many alien stories originate from there.

In regards to the stories I have read regarding alien sightings in Arizona, most seem to stem from people claiming to have seen bright lights in the desert. In most instances these sightings seem to have taken place near a military base. For example, there was a story about three years ago about a man living in Arizona who says he saw an actual spaceship being transported from a military base located near Flagstaff, Arizona. He says that he knew that it was an actual spaceship because he could vividly see the lights and the ship’s outline. He said that the ship was being transported on the back of a large truck. When he tried to report what he saw to local government officials, they told him that he must be mistaken. A government representative stated that there are no military bases located near Flagstaff and that no spaceships have ever been reported seen in that area. Despite this however the man kept insisting that he saw a spaceship, but he couldn’t find anyone to believe him. So as a result he started contacting local news stations and the national media. Local news stations did not seem too interested in his story, however several national media outlets were very interested. I am not sure if this man was telling the truth or not, but I do know that he generated a lot of national media attention.

Then there was a woman from New Mexico who claims that aliens have been visiting her home for years. According to her the aliens were interested in studying why human beings express so many different emotions. This then advanced to the aliens wanting to know where human beings get all their ideas for new machines and technology. This woman claims that the aliens that visited her were always friendly and just seemed interested in studying human beings. Finally after years of visitations, the woman decided to call her local newspaper and tell them her story. Of course they were only interested if she could provide some proof to backup her claims. She waited for the next alien visit to get the proof she needed, but she claims they never came back. (Maybe the aliens in this case were a little camera shy).

Although it is unlikely that alien stories will go away, at least now I know how most get started.

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