Good Investments Opportunities for 2014

Finding the right investment opportunity in this current economy can be difficult because so many industries are still unstable. There was a time when investing in real estate was a smart investment, however the unstable housing market has made investing in real estate a lot riskier.

For the first and second quarters of this year, the housing market went on a rollercoaster ride. This was due in part to the unpredictable stock market. In some parts of the country the housing market has started making small gains, and in other parts of the country the housing market continues to decline. As a result of this, many investors have started scaling back on their real estate investments. This is not to say that you should stop investing in real estate, but it is recommended that you proceed with caution.
Looking towards 2014, real estate is expected to be safer investment. This is because by then the housing market should be stabilizing in most parts of the country. According to real estate analysts, the next wave of housing recovery should take place in the southwest. In many Arizona based cities for example, housing prices have already started rebounding by a margin of twenty five to forty percent. This positive trend is expected to continue throughout 2014.

In addition to real estate, investing in certain franchise-based businesses is also considered to be a good investment for next year.

Some of the franchise opportunities that are considered good investments are commercial janitorial services and yogurt shops. These type of businesses are considered good investments because despite the unstable economy, most have remained profitable. Even during hard economic times, most businesses will hire a company to clean their warehouse or offices. Most yogurt shops also do well during a recession, because even when people are on a budget they will treat themselves to a cup of yogurt. Another reason franchise businesses are a good investment, is because many don’t take require a lot of upfront capital.

The number of people investing in food truck businesses is also expected to increase in 2014. For about the past three years, the food truck industry has experienced significant growth. Some of the cities where food truck businesses are doing well are Austin, Santa Monica, Atlanta, Boston and New York. Food truck operators who sell items like tacos, cupcakes, Philly cheese steak sandwiches and hot wings are attracting the highest stream of customers.

2014 is expected to be a good year for investments, which includes both short term and long term investment opportunities.

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