Colors that Promote Creativity

If you work in a creative field, you know how important it is to have the right colors around you for inspiration.

When I worked in the marketing industry, I used to hang pictures in my office that contained shades of mango and red. For me personally, red and mango colors used to get my creative juices flowing. Once I closed the door to my office, I would be able to come up with some creative ideas and marketing campaigns. I am not sure why these colors inspire me so much, but I think it has something to do with how my brain process the color pigmentations.

I have heard from various people that work in the public relations industry, that colors like pink and yellow help them become more creative. A few have told me that they would actually put yellow and pink post-it notes on the walls in their office. Some of these people are entertainment publicists, who say that they need bright colors like yellow and pink to help them create effective PR pitches.
Alison Brod is a PR professional who has decorated her entire agency in various shades of pink. This includes pink photos and jars of pink candy. This “pink” color theme seems to be working well for Brod professionally, because her client list is quite impressive. Some of her clients include Estee Lauder, Jill Stuart, Nordstrom, Pamella Roland and

I have also heard that people who work in the movie animation field also use certain colors to spur their imagination and creativity. Some of the colors they like to have around them are lime green, bright red and sky blue. Having these bright colors helps them come up with ideas for new storylines and animation characters. I would imagine that the creative offices at studios like Disney and Pixar are decorated in some really cool and wild colors.

Another profession that uses specific colors for creativity, is interior designer. In order to come up with innovative room designs, I am sure that interior designers need a variety of colors to inspire them. For those who create designs for old Victorian homes, I would imagine that colors like chocolate brown, burgundy and mint green provide the right level of inspiration. For those who create interior designs for modern style homes, colors like gold, cream, oatmeal and burgundy probably put them in the right creative mood.

Achieving success in a creative field requires passion, creativity, innovation and the right colorful atmosphere.

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