Choosing a College Major

Selecting a college major may be more challenging than some people think. It also doesn’t help that most colleges today offer a very wide range of degree options, which makes selecting one even harder.
One group of people that really has a hard time selecting a college major, are recent high school graduates. The reason some of these grads have such a hard time selecting a major is because they don’t really have enough life experience to make a decision. This is why so many select standard degrees in areas like business or finance. Then there are those grads who select a degree major based on recommendations from family and friends. This has proven to be disastrous in many cases. For example, a creative based person may end up pursuing a degree in anthropology because their family thought it would be interesting. Although their family members meant well, a anthropology degree is not a good degree choice for a creative based person.

When it comes to selecting a degree, it is recommended to first take some time and determine what you want to long-term career wise. This advice is especially directed towards high school seniors. Although the average high school senior does not have a lot of life experience, they can do a self-examination to determine what their strengths and interests are. If a high school senior enjoys working with numbers and balancing worksheets, then they should major in finance or accounting. If they determine that they like to create slogans and write web content, then they should choose a major in an area like journalism or advertising. However, if the senior has a strong interest in health remedies and research, they may want to select a major that will help them launch a career in medical research.

Then there are those high school seniors who are very creative and like to work with their hands. These individuals may want to consider majoring in computer animation or film production. Fortunately there are a lot of colleges out there today that offer degree programs in these fields.

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a college major is the cost. With the rising cost of college tuition in recent years, there are many people (including high school seniors) who are either delaying college or switching their degree choices. Some of those who have switched their degree choices are individuals who had previously wanted to become doctors. It is not unusual for medical school graduates these days to accumulate over two hundred thousand dollars in student loan debt.

Selecting the right college major can be a challenge, which is why it is so important to carefully review all of your options.

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