Celebrity Chefs Have Marketing Power

As a result of the large number of viewers and media attention they attract, celebrities chefs are being sought after by large advertisers. These advertisers realize that celebrity chefs have the ability to introduce their products and services to a very large audience.

The celebrity chef craze initially began back in the early 2000’s when the Food Network began launching a series of television cooking shows. One of the biggest breakout celebrity chefs during that period was Paula Deen. Her show, “Home Cooking” was almost an immediate hit. Viewers seem to really connect with Deen’s homemade recipes and down to earth personality. As a result of generating so much viewer attention, Deen was able to secure a large number of marketing and advertising contracts. Some of these have included Walmart and Smithfield Foods. Although some of Deen’s contracts have been terminated due to her recent scandal, many believe that she will soon be back on television with a new cooking show and new sponsors.

Another celebrity chef that has proven to be a marketing powerhouse is Rachel Ray. She not only has two cooking shows on the Food Network, but she also a weekly daytime talk show as well. Ray started generating media attention when she launched her Food Network show “30 Minute Meals“. Ever since then she has been gradually building a loyal audience, which has not gone unnoticed by marketers and advertisers. One of the products Ray has been paid big bucks to promote is Ritz Crackers, which are manufactured by Nabisco. Having Ray associated with the brand has helped to increase visibility and sales.

Then there is celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who is generating a lot of media and marketing attention by hosting the “Diners, Drive-In & Dives” Food Network television show. Fieri initially began his television career as a winning contestant on “The Next Food Network Star”. After that he was given his own personal show called “Guy’s Big Bite”. His cool laid back personality and unique recipes really connected with the Food Network audience. In short, Fieri has really become a marketing powerhouse for the Food Network cable channel.

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis is also using her television popularity to secure new marketing contracts, which has recently included promoting Clairol hair coloring products. In addition to this, De Laurentiis has also been recently contracted to write a series of children’s books which will focus on cooking and traveling.

In addition to marketing products for consumer companies like Nabisco, many celebrity chefs today (including the ones listed above) are also busy marketing their own line of cooking related products. This includes everything from spices to cooking utensils. It is estimated that the average yearly salary for a celebrity chef today is between seven million and ten million dollars.

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