Brands Find Success on HSN

The Home Shopping Network, better known as HSN, has become a major platform for consumer brands to promote their products.

For over twenty years, the Home Shopping Network has enabled consumers to shop and purchase products from the comfort of their home. In earlier years the product offerings mainly consisted of jewelry and basic home care items. Over the years however the network began adding a broader range of products to its on-air shopping portfolio. Today on HSN you can find everything from clothes and bedding to perfumes and cosmetics.

Having a broader product line has helped HSN attract a larger viewing audience. As a result, hundreds of brands contact HSN each year to be a featured guest on their show.

One of the brands that has been featured on HSN numerous times is Signature Club A. This brand was founded by cosmetic executive and make-up expert Adrienne Arpel. Signature A products are featured on HSN about four times a year -- which includes the winter holiday season. Arpel usually starts her holiday promotional campaign in late November. She uses this time to introduce the viewing audience to new products and her current special holiday price promotions. In most cases Signature A Club products are sold out before the show ends. Arpel shows her appreciation to buyers by including a free designer makeup bag with their purchase. Arpel is definitely one of the brands that has found marketing and sales success on HSN.

The philosophy skin care is another brand that has found success on the HSN channel. The philosophy skin care line was founded by Cristina Carlino in 1996. Over the years the company’s marketing strategy has included frequent appearances on HSN, which have helped to increase visibility and generate a high level of sales.

A large number of fashion designers have also been featured on HSN over the years. This has included designers like Antthony, Diane Gilman, Marla Wynne and Iman. All of these designers are featured on HSN at least three times a year, and each time thousands of viewers purchase their designer products.
In order to ensure that the network maintains its viewership levels, HSN executives have started making some updates and changes, which includes the HSN purchasing platform becoming more mobile friendly. Because so many consumers today are making purchases on their mobile phones, it is important that HSN’s online store is compatible with iPhone and iPad applications.

Looking towards the future, industry analysts predict that HSN will continue to be a major marketing and selling platform for up-and-coming companies and major consumer brands.

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