A Look at ‘Bike Friendly’ Cities

In an effort to attract more young families and young professionals, some cities like Portland and Atlanta are adding more bike lanes near parks and communities.

For many years, the city of Portland has been well known for being a very bike friendly place. This includes having dedicated bike lanes in major residential areas. Despite already being considered a very “bike friendly” city, Portland is continuing to add even more bike lanes and bike paths for local area residents. This may be hard for some to believe, but having bike friendly streets is one of the reasons many people relocate from across the country to Portland.

In some ways the city of Atlanta is playing catch-up when it comes to adding bike lanes and being a first class bike friendly city. Because Atlanta has become such a popular relocation destination for single individuals (who often like to ride bikes to work), the city has been busy building new bike lanes throughout several in-town neighborhoods. This includes new bike lanes near major parks and the city’s new beltline project. If all goes well, Atlanta should be a top ten “bike friendly” city by this time next year.

The city of Minneapolis is well known for having extreme cold weather and snowfall, however it is also becoming well known for being a bike friendly city. According to the “Bicycling” website, Minneapolis has over 100 miles of on and off street biking facilities.

Boulder, Colorado is another city that has earned the title of being very bike friendly. The city has close to 120 miles of bike trails, which is why so many professional bike racers call Boulder home. Many of these biking trails are in residential communities, which has helped to cut down on excessive traffic.
Not surprisingly, San Francisco, California is also another city that offers a variety of options for local area bikers. This includes a bike shuttle that goes across the Bay Bridge during morning and evening rush hours.

The city of Seattle, Washington is currently working on a master bike plan that is estimated to cost over $200 million dollars. The entire plan will take about 10 years to develop, and when completed will result in 450 miles of new bike trails. This project should earn Seattle the title of being the number one bike friendly city in the United States.

Another reason why some cities are adding new bike paths and trails, is because they are trying to improve air quality and reduce rush hour traffic. This is definitely the case in Atlanta, Georgia, which has one of the worst rush hour commutes in the country.

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