A Growing Need for Online Education

Enrollment in online schools has been growing steadily over the past five years. Many attribute this growth to the growing demand for alternative educational options.

The large number of corporate mergers and layoffs has prompted many people to return to school to learn new skills. Since many of these people had previously worked in the same position for fifteen years or more, they realized that they needed a new skill-set in order to be competitive in the current job market. Many of these people also don’t have the luxury of attending a four year college. So as a result, they are enrolling in online courses that typically last from twelve to fourteen months.

Then there are those who are working fulltime but want to return to school so they can become more marketable and make more money. Since just about every industry today is becoming more and more dependent on digital technology, many workers over the age of fifty are returning to school so they can become more digital savvy. These individuals also realize that they will need more advanced digital skills if they want to move up in their present company. Fortunately for these individuals, many online schools offer the courses they are looking for. For example, online schools like University of Phoenix and American Continental University offer a wide variety of digital technology courses.

One of the cool things about online schools is that you have an option of earning a four year degree or a professional certification. At the University of Phoenix for example, students can earn a professional certification in technology based courses such as Cisco Networking, Visual Communications and Network Systems. These type of programs are very popular with people who have fulltime jobs, because they fit into their schedule and don’t require a lot of time.

Kaplan University is another online school that has seen a steady increase in online student enrollment. Many of these students are individuals who work in the business and finance field. Some are enrolling in Kaplan’s online professional certification program, which will earn them a graduate certification in human resources, project management and accounting. In many cases a graduate certification can help to increase a yearly salary by twenty five percent. Kaplan also offers a wide variety of online associates and bachelor degree programs in areas such as Communications, Psychology, Early Child Development, Human Services and Public Administration.

Looking towards the future, enrollment at online schools is expected to increase by thirty five percent within the next two to four years. Many of these online students will be individuals seeking new skills so they can launch their own businesses.

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