What is the 360 degree feedback?

360 feedback is a survey process process that allows you to get professional feedback from several sources including colleagues, vendors and clients. Or another way to say it is that you are getting feedback from every one you professionally communicate with or do business with frequently.

The 360 survey platform is sometimes referred to as a multi-source assessment, and is frequently used in many human resources departments today. The survey template can be specifically customized and utilized for a variety purposes. For example, if a 360 degree survey is going to be used internally, then it will usually include feedback from peers, managers and subordinates. This type of survey is very common in medium and large size companies. In many cases the person being reviewed works in a large division or department. In addition, a 360 degree survey also involves a self-evaluation assessment. It is very interesting to see how a person views themselves versus how their peers and subordinates view them.

When the survey is launched by a human resources department, it is usually posted online and along with a deadline date of when the survey needs to be completed. This is because the survey results are most likely going to be used in the employee's annual review, or as part of their recommendation for a promotion.

In addition to the survey being used to generate feedback from subordinates, peers and supervisors, there are also instances when a 360 degree feedback survey is used to gather feedback from external sources such as clients, suppliers and vendors. This type of survey is typically used for purchasing managers, in-house PR staff, and others who have high profile positions or who frequently represent the company in the media or public. Due to the nature of these jobs, it is very important to know if the person in this position is communicating effectively and meeting expectations.

The results from a 360 degree survey also provides very insightful and useful information for the employee as well. This includes helping them identify any potential weaknesses and also helping them track their professional development. This is why it is recommended that a 360 degree feedback survey be launched at least once year. However, at some companies the survey is launched once every quarter.

Some of the types of businesses that frequently conduct 360 degree feedback surveys are large public accounting agencies, law firms, hospitals, consulting firms, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.

Two survey platforms commonly used for 360 degree surveys are Survey Monkey and Constant Contact.

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