Walgreens vs CVS Survey

In terms of my drug store and pharmacy needs, I am fortunate enough to have both a CVS and Walgreens in my community. I normally visit one of these stores at least once a week.

I normally go to Walgreens when I run out of personal care items like deodorant, hand soap, body oil and lotion moisturizer. The prices at Walgreens are very reasonable and the overall customer service is very good. Whenever I visit my local Walgreens it is usually early in the morning so the lines are typcically short and I can get in and out in about  fifteen minutes. In addition to personal care items, I also shop at Walgreens for cold medicines and vitamin products. I have used some of these products to help me lose weight, protect my skin and have more energy. I also usually save anywhere from $3 to $5 because Walgreens always has a weekly sale on medicines, vitamins and other related items.

Aside from shopping at a Walgreens store, I also frequently purchase items from their website. The site is set up in such a way that makes it very easy to navigate and find the items you are looking for.

I would also like to mention that the Walgreens' pharmacies I have visited over the years have given good customer service. This has included helping me find a more affordable alternative medicine.
As you can see I enjoy shopping at Walgreens and I think it is a good pharmacy and drug store.

Now I will share my thoughts regarding my shopping experiences at CVS.

I shop at CVS frequently, and overall my experience has been positive. CVS also offers good deals on vitamins and medicines and on personal care items. However I mainly shop at CVS for their photo printing and card services. I have been using this service for several years, and have created at least a dozen of personal photo books. The service is so easy to use and you can upload your photos on the CVS website. This is a convenient service to have if you are someone who likes to store personal photos of special occasions or of your grandchildren. You can also purchase cards and stationary from the online photo shop.

Another cool service CVS offers is there in-store Minute Clinic. The clinics are staffed with professional nurses and physician assistants. The services they offer range from symptom diagnosis to sports physicals. I consider this service to be a value added customer benefit.

I think that both CVS and Walgreens are good stores, but for different reasons. I think Walgreens offers a wider range of products, but I feel that CVS offers more personal customized services.

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