Survey of Best Technology Companies to Work For

If you are seeking a career in technology, you may want to think about working at Adobe. This is because for the past several years Adobe has been listed as one of the best technology companies to work for. Some of the areas Adobe has ranked high in include providing a wide range of resources for employees, having an effective management style and also for offering flexible work schedules.

For the past few years Apple has also made the survey list of being one of the best technology companies to work for. In the past, Steve Jobs was one of the main reasons tech grads wanted to work at Apple. Now the reason so many people want to work at Apple is because it is has become a highly innovative company and has a very competitive work environment. Some may not view competitiveness as an attractive trait, but many young tech grads feel that working in a competitive environment is the best way to stay on top of your game. Current and former employees have also stated that Apple treats its employees like family.

Salesforce is another technology company that has been rated as a good place to work. Some of the areas the company has been recognized for include offering employees a positive work environment, high salaries, and creating a culture of smart and forward thinking people. The company has also been frequently recognized for offering a wide variety of perks. By offering all these perks and benefits, the company attracts a lot of high quality tech talent.

It was no surprise to see Google included on this survey list. For the past five years the company has ranked in the top 10 as a good place to work. One of the main areas Google is consistently recognized for is its employee perks. Some of these include providing employees with 10 full service cafes, on-site mini-kitchens, and “free” employee breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is for these reasons and others that Google has been very successful in attracting top tech talent – which includes luring key executives from their competitors.

In addition to larger well known companies like Salesforce, Adobe and Apple, there are also quite a few lesser known technology companies that have been ranked as great places to work. One of these companies is called “Responsys”, which is a company that specializes in digital marketing. The company has been recognized as a good place to work based in part on the positive feedback from employees. Some of these comments have included good promotional opportunities, good company benefits and making employees feel valued.

Some of the other companies that made list include Riot Games, Guidewire, Riverbend Technology and Red Hat.

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