Survey of the Best Fortune 500 companies to Work For

Working for a Fortune 500 company is a long range goal for many people, ranging from seasoned executives to recent college grads. It takes a little research however to determine which is the best Fortune 500 company to work for. Fortunately, there are several surveys launched each year to help with that determination.

On this year's survey Google made the top of the list. Many in the technology field believe that Google ranks in the top 10 each year because it offers so many unique employee perks. These include free massages, on-site wellness centers, on-site basketball courts and an on-site roller hockey rink. Very few companies can compete with perks like these.

Coming in at number 6 this year is a company called NetApp. This is a data storage company that has been recognized for creating a very warm working environment. This includes employees receiving a personal phone call from company Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza when they have come up with a effective solution or a creative new idea.

Qualcomm is another Fortune 500 company that has been listed as a good place to work. This is a place where employees are strongly encouraged to collaborate and share their ideas inside the office and at industry conferences. Because of this the office culture is considered by employees to be innovative, laid back and motivating. 

Devon Energy is one of the many gas and oil companies that made this year's survey list. The CEO of the company, John Richels, helps to promote a positive work environment by sending personal “thank you” notes to employees who perform well on their job. This has helped to increase productivity and also raise employee confidence and morale.

Despite going through several organizational changes over the past few years, American Express is still considered one of the best Fortune 500 companies to work for. The company came in at number 51 this year. One of the things that makes American Express stand out in terms of being a good employer is its commitment to diversity. Over the years a large percentage of minorities and women have been promoted into key executive positions.

One of the companies representing the hospitality industry on this year's survey list is Marriott International. Some of the reasons Marriott made the list include offering good job training opportunities, competitive industry salaries and a family type working environment. This might be why many of the company's employees have worked at Marriott for over 20 years.

Other Fortune 500 companies to make the list are Darden Restaurants, EOG Resources and Whole Foods Market.

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