Survey of Best Customer Service Companies to Work For

According to several recent surveys, some of the best customer service companies to work for are Nordstrom and Southwest Airlines. Based on survey results, these two companies ranked very high in terms of customer service, work environment and employee benefits.

Over the past several years, consumers have stated that customer service overall has significantly declined. This has included encountering rude sales associates and uncaring customer service agents. Some attribute this to the economy, while others attribute this trend to bad company training. One company that seems to have gotten it right in this area is Nordstrom. Customers like shopping at Nordstrom because of its good customer service, and employees like working there because of the positive working environment. A further breakdown of these surveys revealed that Nordstrom has received high marks on the quality of their products, store design and also for having well trained employees.

Southwest Airlines is another company that has been ranked as one of the best customer service companies to work for. The company has ranked high on surveys for things like offering low ticket prices and also for creating a very positive work environment. By contrast Delta Airlines ranked near the bottom of the list.

Another company that made the survey list was Trader Joe's. This company has received a lot of comments in regards to its customer service, product variety and also on the way it treats its employees. For many years, Trader Joe's has been a favorite place for in-town residents who are looking for unique quality food products. All this has helped Trader Joe's make the top ten list of best customer service companies to work for over the past five years.

Publix is another retail chain that consisently makes the list as one of the best customer service companies to work for. Just like Trader Joe's, the Publix chain has created a unique and pleasant shopping environment. Publix has received high marks in recent surveys for having a well stocked deli department and fresh bakery products. From an employer standpoint, the company has received high marks for offering employees a unique profit sharing plan.  

Despite some of the bad press UPS has received in recent years, it is still listed as one of the best customer service companies to work for. The company received high ratings for customer service, flexible work schedules and also for providing good training and job opportunities.

Some of the other companies that made the survey list are Apple, Netflix, Cotsco and Fedex.  

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