Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America

Th economic challenges over the past few years has impacted the spending habits of many Americans, including the wealthy and affluent. Although many of today's wealthy and affluent citizens are experiencing significant growth in their assets and income, a larger number of them are using their financial gains to pay off short term and long term debt. All this is according to the results from the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America.

Although many wealthy and affluent Americans are paying off their debts and reducing their spending, most are still using part of their disposable income to purchase things like cars, homes, jewelry and other luxury items.

The study conducted this past year focused on several variables which included how the wealthy and affluent make decisions about what they will buy, and their views about price containment. Other secondary variables include how advertising information, salespeople and digital resources impacts how wealthy and affluent families make purchasing decisions.

The survey is also broken down into several content categories which includes brand preferences. The survey covers the brands that are most frequently purchased by the wealthy and affluent. It also covers views about specific brands that they don't purchase. The primary goal is to see how this group of people view brand purchasing in general.

The next category topic involves identifying evolving purchasing patterns. The economy to some degree has made even the affluent and wealthy shift their priorities and preferences when it comes to buying. The survey also zeroes in on economic and political attitudes. These results provide insight about the confidence level the wealthy and affluent have in the economy and also their views and opinions about current political policies.

Lifestyles & values, and media consumption are also two other category topics covered in this survey. The goal is to gauge personal and professional values and also to gauge how much media reporting in general the wealthy and affluent are consuming on a daily basis.

The informational results from this survey is very beneficial to business owners and marketing companies. The information helps business owners gain a better idea of what type of products and services affluent and wealthy consumers are looking for. While marketing companies use the data from the survey to help them develop marketing strategies for customers who are trying to tap into a high end consumer market. In addition, American Express Publishing specifically uses information results from the Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America to help their clients gain a better understanding on how successful people think and make their purchasing decisions.

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