Radio Shack vs Best Buy Survey

I have shopped at both Best Buy and Radio Shack, and in my opinion both are somewhat lacking in terms of service and product variety. I am not saying their product lines and customer services are horrible, I'm just saying that in both cases there is some room for improvement.

I'll start with my shopping experience at Radio Shack.

Each time I visit a Radio Shack the inside of the store seems somewhat dated. Although Radio Shack does offer modern technology items like GPS devices and DJ headphones, the dated look of the store makes the products look less impressive. In order to remedy this, I think the company should develop a budget specifically designed for renovating stores. I want to note that most of Radio Shack stores I have visited were clean, they just weren't designed in a way that was visually appealing to me. I think having an attractive and appealing store is very important because most people buy with their eyes first.

In addition to updating the stores, I also think that Radio Shack needs to update its logo. I know that they have had that logo for a long time and that its easily identifiable to consumers, but I still think it could use a little tweaking and updating. However I have recently found out that Radio Shack has opened several concept stores in select cities across the country. I have not visited any of their concept stores, but I am hoping that they look more innovative and modern. With all that being said, I will say that Radio Shack does offers good prices.

In terms of my shopping experience at Best Buy, I have some of the same complaints that I have about Radio Shack. Overall I think Best Buy is a good store, but there could be some improvement in their store design and product lines. I know as a company Best Buy has experienced a lot of management changes, which may explain some of the issues at their stores. Hopefully new management will bring in some new ideas and give the stores the overhaul they need. This includes making some changes to their store's design and layout and also updating their website.

In regards to customer service, there is definitely room for improvement at both chains. My suggestions would be more training for sales associates so they are more knowledgeable about store products.

If I had to rate Best Buy and Radio Shack on service and quality, I would say that both (in my opinion) are still a work in progress.

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