Popeyes vs KFC Chicken Survey

When it comes to fast food chicken meals, Popeyes and KFC are two of my top choices.

I originally started eating KFC chicken many years ago, and just like millions of other people I fell in love with that original recipe. Although I know that fried chicken is not really healthy for me, I still crave it from time to time.

In regards to Popeyes I like their chicken recipe as well. In my opinion Popeyes chicken is a little more crunchier and spicer than KFC's. I think that the chicken cooked at Popeyes has more of a New Orleans style taste and flavor. While the chicken over at KFC taste more like a traditional fried chicken. Although I like the chicken at both restaurants, I would have to say that I like KFC's chicken slightly better. I think it is because I have to be in a special mood for Popeyes spicier flavored chicken

When it comes down to pricing, I think both restaurant chains offer great promotions and price deals. For example, KFC is currently offering an eight piece chicken meal for $19.95. The meals includes eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits and two large sides. You also have the option of getting either grilled and traditional fried chicken. One of the meal promotions Popeyes is currently offering is their Chicken Waffle Tenders that comes with a side of honey maple dipping sauce for $4.99.

Both of these promotions are affordable and I feel you get a pretty deal for your money. Although I do remember when an eight piece meal at KFC cost much less. However I guess the company had to increase their prices (like so many other chains) due to the economy. I can even save more money when I use a KFC coupon.

In terms of customer service, the restaurants I have visited at both chains has been good. The staff are usually very friendly and most are willing to make special changes for your order. I have also found that the majority of restaurants I have visited keep the eating areas and restrooms very clean. The only exception was when I visited a Popeyes restaurant in a downtown neighborhood about two years ago. The restaurant received so many complaints that eventually a new store manager was brought in. After the management change I started seeing steady improvement in cleanliness and service.

The one thing that makes me favor KFC slightly over Popeyes, is KFC's variety of side dishes and desserts. Some of my favorites are their coleslaw, lemon dessert bucket, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes and gravy. As a matter of fact I like the macaroni and cheese so much I could eat it by itself.  

If I had to rate these restaurants on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Popeyes a solid 7 and KFC an 8.

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