My Target Survey and Feedback

I have been a loyal customer of Target for many years. My main reasons for liking to shop at Target are quality merchandise and the prices.

I started shopping at Target back in the late 1980's, and over time I have seen a lot of positive changes. The first change I noticed was the increasing quality of the merchandise. In the earlier years I would say that the quality of most products were very“marginal”. Today however I feel that Target offers some of the highest quality products in the industry. If I had to give a definition of their quality, I would say it was slightly lower than Macy's and higher than Walmart.

Some of my favorite departments are beauty and electronics. For many years I have shopped the beauty aisles at Target and found some cool deals. I like the fact that I can purchase some of my favorite designer fragrances without having to spend a whole lot of money. Just a few days ago for example, I was able to purchase several bottles of designer fragrances that included Burberry, Curve, Elizabeth Arden and Dolce & Gabana. I should also mention that all of the bottles were priced under $50.

Another thing that has kept me coming back to Target over the years, is the wide variety of electronic products. They truly have good deals on things like cell phones, video games and camcorders. I have seen some of the type of products at Walmart, but I think that the electronic products at Target are a higher quality.

In regards to customer service, in all of the years I have shopped at Target the level of customer I have received has been pretty good. Of course there have been a few bad service experiences, but thankfully those have been few and far between. I also make sure that I feel in the survey every time using the user id and password on my shopping receipt to get a chance to win the $1500 sweepstakes prize every month. So far, no luck.

In terms of store cleanliness, the majority of Target stores I have shopped in have been very clean. This is a good thing because no one (including me) likes to shop in a dirty store.

I would also say that Target does a better job of organizing their store aisles and shelves than some of their competitors. Its really easy to shop down their aisles because it is always free of boxes and clutter. I have been in other retail stores where I could hardly shop in certain aisles because boxes were scattered all over the floor.

If I had to rate Target I would give it a 9 for product quality and an 8 for overall customer service.

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