My Best Buy Survey

I have been a Best Buy customer for many years because they offer good price deals and products.

Initially, I only used to shop at Best Buy when I was looking for a new appliance like a refrigerator or stove. In my opinion Best Buy have some of the best quality appliances and some really good appliance deals. However in more recent years I have been shopping at Best Buy for electronic gadgets like GPS devices and computer tablets. If you haven't been to Best Buy lately you should definitely check them out. I think a lot of “technology geeks” would be surprised to find out that Best Buy offers a wide range of technology gadgets. I am not saying that they are on par with Samsung or Apple, but the variety they offer is pretty good for a moderately priced retail store.

You can also find a wide variety of health and fitness products at Best Buy. Some I have purchased in recent months include a pulse activity tracker, a GPS sports watch and a Nike Fuel Band.

When it comes to the appearance of Best Buy stores, the majority I have shopped in are clean, functional and very well designed. The organizational set up of a store has a strong impact on customer foot traffic. This is because no one wants to shop in a store that takes a lot of effort just to find a particular product. In my opinion the store is decorated very well, very organized and user friendly. I probably would not have said this ten years ago however, because back then most Best Buy stores were bland and boring.

Although I have given Best Buy high marks when it comes to store design and product variety, I feel that the chain can do a better job in the area of customer service. This includes doing a better job of training their staff. The sales associates I have encountered have been courteous, but some did not seem educated enough about products being sold in their store. I think this is something that can be changed by some additional employee training. I also think that some stores could use more mature store managers. Being a store manager is a very important job, so the person in this position should have several years of industry experience.

I would also like to see more Best Buy stores developed in and around in-town neighborhoods. Where I live most stores are located in or near large suburban malls which is not convenient for shopping.

Overall I think that Best Buy is a good retail chain that offers good price deals and a good range of appliance and technology products.

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