Based on the high number of positive online feedback and comments, it seems safe to say that Survey Monkey is a legitimate survey taking website.

Due to the growing number of survey scam artists over the years, most survey sites are under scrutiny including Survey Monkey. Fortunately in most cases online surveys are legitimate with a few exceptions. The exceptions are the ones that promise outlandish prizes and only post surveys in order to obtain personal information. These type of sites are nothing but scams and should be avoided at all costs. However, Survey Monkey is a survey site that has gained a great industry reputation.

The company was initially launched by Ryan Finley in 1999. He created the Survey Monkey website as a user friendly platform for individuals and businesses to conduct professional online surveys. The various upgrades made to the site over the past few years has included a new set of online survey tools. These new tools allow customers to more accurately collect and analyze their survey results and data. The new upgraded tools has also made customizing individual survey templates much easier.

Some of the types of businesses that use Survey Monkey frequently are major universities and colleges. In most cases these surveys are used to gather information and feedback from current students and past alumni.

There are also a large number of corporate businesses that use Survey Monkey to help them track trends and also gather opinions about their competitors. This includes corporate businesses in the technology and utility sectors. The main reason these businesses like to use Survey Monkey is because they can easily design and customize the survey template to fit their specific need and target audience. Even survey takers have commented how much they like taking surveys on Survey Monkey, because the surveys are well designed and easy to navigate.

Then there are quite a few medical based market research firms that use Survey Monkey as well. These organizations mainly use Survey Monkey to gather consumer data and opinions about specific medicines and diseases. The results from these surveys are very helpful to doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

Given the fact that so many business entities and educational organizations use Survey Monkey on a regular basis, I think it is safe to say that it is a safe and legitimate survey company. Another thing that adds to the company's credibility, is that it currently has over 12 million users.