How to Obtain Feedback from Employees?

One of the most effective ways for getting feedback from employees is by launching an internal online survey. This process has proven to be far more effective in getting honest feedback results versus a face-to-face conversation. This is because in many instances an employee will be more hesitant to give their honest opinion about work related issues while sitting in their manager or supervisor's office. Let's be honest, some supervisors and managers can be pretty intimidating. It for this reasons that many companies today have started launching internet based employee feedback surveys. Although there are many survey platforms out there, a large number of companies seem to prefer Survey Monkey.

The type of questions included on an employee feedback survey can vary based on company type, office size and industry. In order for the survey to be effective and generate good results, it must include the right questions and ample designated space for the employee to fully express their views and opinions. If the survey is being designed for employees at an advertising agency, then some of the questions should include opinions about how client campaigns are developed and also how the agency goes after new business. These two areas which are very critical to the overall success of any advertising agency.

On the other hand, if the survey is being designed for employees who work in a manufacturing and warehouse environment, then some of the questions should include suggestions about how to increase productivity and also a section for employees to give their views about workplace safety.

When it comes to designing employee feedback surveys for company executives, it is very important to include a section where they can give opinions about the company's business model, financial status and current marketing practices.

In addition, all employee feedback surveys should include a section where employees can give their opinions about company benefits, working hours, yearly salaries and promotion opportunities.

It is also very important for the survey to be designed in such a way that all responses are anonymous. If not, you will most likely not get a lot of honest information or survey participants. This is because an employee might fear retribution if any negative comments they make about their job or the company can be traced back to them. So if you launch a survey that does not provide anonymity for the employee, then all you will receive are comments that the employee thinks the company and their supervisor wants to hear.

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