How to make money from paid surveys?

One of the best ways to make money from paid surveys, is by registering with a local area focus group company. There are many out there so you have to spend some time to determine which company offers the best opportunities.

One focus group company that frequently launches paid online surveys is Murray Hill Center. Once you sign up with this company you will start receiving survey invitations via email. The type of surveys you receive will be based on client needs and your profile. Examples of survey topics include credit card spending habits, potty training techniques, perfume & cosmetic purchases, and home remodeling projects.

The length of time for surveys varies by topic. In addition, once you become a registered member of this company, you will also be invited to participate in on site focus group projects. To register with the Murray Hill Center go to The pay for online surveys ranges from $10 to $55.

Another focus group company that offers paid online surveys is Savitz Focus Groups. Many of these surveys involve medical and health related topics. Some of these topics include HIV symptoms, diabetes symptoms and how to identify signs of high blood pressure. To register with Savitz Focus Group go to The pay for these surveys range from a gift certificate to $25. You also get an opportunity to accumulate survey points.

Plaza Research is a focus group company that frequently posts national paid online surveys. Many of these surveys are targeted towards people in professional fields such as finance specialists, nursing assistants and electrical contractors. To participate in these surveys generally involves calling an 800 number and participating in a conference call. To register with Plaza Research go to The pay for these surveys range from $50 to $100.

In addition to focus group companies, many consumer product companies also launch paid online surveys from time to time. This includes companies like Procter & Gamble. Their surveys consist of questions regarding a variety of Procter & Gamble products. These surveys are usually very short and generally last about ten minutes. In terms of payment, survey participants may have an option of getting paid in cash or receiving free products. To learn about these opportunities go to

Another option for making from online surveys is by registering with Mechanical Turk, which is a division of the Amazon corporation. This site offers a wide range of opportunities for taking paid online surveys. The amount of pay varies based on survey type and requester. Many of the surveys posted on Mechanical Turk are from colleges and universities such as Washington Lee University, Stanford University, Wharton School and Georgia Institute of Technology. To register, go online to You will need to complete a worker profile before you are able to gain access to the site. You will also need to complete a personal profile in order to receive payment.

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