Highest Paying Survey Sites

When it comes to finding the survey sites that pay the most money, it usually takes a lot of patience and online research to find them.

Although there are hundreds of survey sites out there, all are not created equal. There are many that pay a decent amount of money for taking a survey, and then there are ones that don't much money at all.

Below is a sample of survey sites that have generated positive online reviews for paying well.


One of the higher paying survey sites out there today is Global Test Market. In order to get paid however, you must generate a certain level of points. For example, if you reach 1,000 points you can earn about $50. In addition, Global Test Market also offers survey takers a chance to enter various sweepstakes and win prizes. To learn more about Global Test Market and how to become a survey participant, go to their website at www.globaltestmarket.com. Once you are on the homepage, click on the “join” link and complete a member profile.


My Survey is another site that pays pretty well for online surveys. This site also requires that you accumulate a certain level of points in order to get paid. In order to begin receiving survey invitations, participants must take a few “screener” surveys first. The point value for these surveys are usually pretty low, however by taking them you increase your chances of receiving invitations for higher paying survey assignments. Survey payment amounts start at around $10, and payment is made to participants through check, paypal or an amazon gift card. To learn more about how My Survey works including how to become a member, go to www.mysurvey.com.


A lot of people like taking surveys on the Survey Savvy site because it provides alternative ways to earning money. In addition to getting paid for the surveys you take, you also have an opportunity to earn money from surveys taken by people you refer to the site. The initial surveys generally only pay a few dollars, but many members are able to double and triple this amount through the referral program. Payment is made by check and participants can cash out at any time. To learn more about Survey Savvy and how their referral program works, go to www.savvysurvey.com.

The bottom line is, you will most likely never get rich taking online surveys. However, if you register with several reputable sites and take surveys consistently, you will be able to generate a small consistent second income.

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