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Founded in 1971, Starbucks Corporation or your very own Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world. Headquartered at Seattle, Washington of the United States, it serves coffee in various flavors along with other snacks to millions of customers in 50 different countries through its more than 17,000 outlets. The first store is located at Pikes Place Market in Seattle and the store still retains the charm and flavor of the original store and still spot the old original Starbucks logo. Starbucks now spot the greener logo and still retain the mermaid.

Www.MyStarBucksVisit.com is the site, through which it attempts to know your experience during your recent visit in one of its 12,000 outlets in the United States and Canada. Here, you will get the opportunity to participate in its survey aimed to collect customers’ feedback and share your experience in English, Spanish or French. By entering the Customer Code that you will find at the bottom of your receipt, you can start the survey and critically analyze its products and service, which will help the company to make your future visits even more pleasant and enjoyable. As a token of appreciation for your effort and time, Starbucks will provide a code at the end of the survey, which you can redeem for your favorite beverage during your next visit in any of its outlets.

In addition, they also have a monthly sweepstakes for participants of My Starbucks Visit Survey. If you are lucky, you can be one of its few selected customers and receive an entry in its monthly sweepstakes, for every completed survey, where you will have the opportunity to be among ten (10) monthly winners and win $1,000 in check.

Website: www.mystarbucksvisit.com

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