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Have you recently visited Subway for your sub sandwich? Do you know that Subway has also recently surpassed McDonalds in terms of the number of restaurant locations? With this kind of growth, Subway will need to measure their customer satisfaction. www.TellSubway.com is the website where you can participate in a survey and provide your valuable feedback to Subway stores. You as an individual have to enter the Subway Store Id as available in the Subway receipt to enter in this survey. The store ID is necessary as most Subway stores are franchised and are owned by different operators. By having a store ID, the feedback can be more directed at the operator of that franchise location.

Depending on your payment mode while purchasing from Subway outlet, the site will direct you to the survey. For example, if you paid by cash or you are at a pilot travel center or you used a credit card or subway card, the pictures will show you how to look for the right choice on the receipt. If you use a credit card or have a Subway Card receipt, you will need the host order ID number and store ID number. If you paid by cash, you will need to enter in the Date & Time, Store ID and Transaction number. If you have a receipt from a Pilot Travel Center, you will need the store id, date & time (found at the bottom) and transaction number.

The survey takes literally only a few minutes. It is a single page survey that asks you about your satisfaction level with cleanliness, quality of service received, freshness of food and little more. As part of their continuous endeavor this site is looking for genuine customer feedback which will essentially help them improving their services as well.

More importantly, be sure to enter in the right email address so they can send you a code via email for your free cookie redemption at a Subway store.

Link: www.tellsubway.com

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