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AppleBee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar or simply AppleBee’s is an American restaurant chain, which is owned and operated by Applebee’s International, Inc. Headquartered at Lenexa, Kansas, it has spread its chain to over 2,000 restaurants, in more than 16 countries across the globe, since its inception in 1980.

MyAppleBeesVisit.com is the site through which it aims to understand your recent dining experience in one of its casual dining outlets. If you are a great fan, or even otherwise, of its American delicacies like chicken, shrimp, salad as well as riblets- one of its specialties, here is your opportunity to let your views known. You can select from the list of countries where you dine at and also the language. To get started with the survey, you will need to have the server name, date, total amount and serial number that can be found at your most recent receipt. By participating in the survey, you will also stand a chance to win $1,000 or an iPod.

You can be rest assured that your views will not fall to deaf ears and like any top organization, Applebee’s too, values the criticism, both positive and otherwise, of its patrons the most and will take all the necessary corrective measures. The server field helps AppleBees Neighborhod Grill and Bar to identify some of its best waiter and those who have been giving the patrons excellent services.

Website Survey: www.myapplebeesvisit.com

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  1. My waitress was Alexis M , she did a great job in service and very happy and friendly, really enjoyed her! Was at you restaurant on 2/08/13,my serial number on my receipt is 022702598.One of my main reason in filling out this is because I wanted to bring attention to a couple of things . 1) Your general manger Rick was very good at his job. Kind , polite and very easy to talk to . And Alexia M. really made you feel at home. I have had the opportunity to talk to him in the past and Rick is very people pleasing,no matter what you talked about. His attitude is very refreshing and I always want to come back to you place. I do have to say I did not have that happen with your other assistance , manager Josh , I had a incident with him in the past there at your place (last summer 2012) , concerning the driveway outside you place(with the round about and the cement barriers one side of the round about the " cement was marked and had a post so you could see it, the other side towards your place coming from Lowe`s area was not marked well and there was not anyone mark paint on the curb as it was mostly warn off), I been around it lots of time in the past but the night was very dark when this happen. I went around the " round about " that was not clearly marked and came up over it and scraped my oil pan , luckily it did not damage it real bad . Naturally I was upset and I had 2 other people with me that night. Neither one saw the curb before it happen. We went in and I asked to talk to the manager (a waitress went and got him after I briefly told her what happened) and he "Josh" was working that night. He was very rude, (when the waitress talked to him about my incident , he just smirked and whisper in her ear and smile), when he talked to me his attitude was well it`s not my problem , instead of telling me nicely his actions were "rude". All I way trying to find out was who do I go to for this problem so it does not happen to others !! I was not trying to "sue" Applebee`s ! Needless to say he was not able to help me out, the more I talked to him his attitude just tick me off. But it did not stop me from going to eat at your establishment again. And I can say Josh `s attitude has not change since I was there on that night. Even thou I had not another problem with him directly he still has his "smug" look as if he is a king and looking down at his people, every time I go into there. He`s "cocky" and thinks he is " God`s gift to women". I think he need to see how his "attitude" looks like to his clientele . Maybe he needs some more training on how to be a manager like Rick ! Also you have a great crew of waitress also ! Thank You , Annette Nevidomsky anet_07@yahoo.com or 406-315-1510


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