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Best Buy is one the top rated electronic goods retailer in U.S and has an excellent online service features. The users can order the electronic goods through the Best Buy online portal and the product will be delivered to the person's residence. Shipping of the ordered electronic products will be taken care by Best Buy. Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy and also has many electronic stores across America. Yes, even Geeks care and they care about your experience with their services, help with technical support for your electronics and computers and installation they may have done for you.

As a part of getting feedback from the customer with respect to the quality of services provided by Best Buy and its affiliates at the retail store and also the quality of services provided through online ordering. The users have to reach the feedback of portal of Best Buy by following the portal www.GeekSquadcares.com and in the home page of this portal, they have to select the Language in which the feedback will be provided(English/Spanish).

After providing the feedback, the users also get an opportunity to be a part of the Lucky draw competition announced by Best Buy. There are actually two promotional periods for this Lucky draw contest. The first promotional period runs from February 27th 2011 till May 26th 2011 and the second promotional period runs from May 29th 2011 to August 27th 2011. You an also check for a list of past winners on the site.

Survey Website: www.geeksquadcares.com

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