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If you have ever enjoyed the hospitality of Bonefish Grill, a seafood restaurant chain of the United States, while partying with your friends or dining out with your loved one, here is your opportunity to let the company know about it.

Www.BonefishExperience.com is the site through which Bonefish, founded in 2000, owned and operated by OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC, strives to understand the needs and level of satisfaction of its customers. The company, headquartered at Tampa, Florida gives paramount importance to your feedback regarding the dining experience that you had in one of its more than 150 restaurants.

Through this site, you can participate in its Guest Satisfaction Survey by entering the 18-digit code, which you will find at the bottom of your receipt. Your candid feedback, whether positive or otherwise, is well accepted by the company and as a token of appreciation of your time and effort; it will provide you a coupon at the end of the survey. You can utilize this coupon to gets benefits on your future dining, in any of its restaurants.

Survey Website: www.bonefishexperience.com

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